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Rebecca and  Astrid Kirschner Hamburg 2007



Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Country, Rockabilly, 50s, 60s, Rhythm & Blues


Elvis, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins,

Johnny Cash,
Hank Williams, Charlie Pride, Waylon, Merle Haggard, Dean Martin, Sinatra The Shadows, and So On!!!


LankyKats Concert at The Cavern Club, Mathew Street Liverpool

6th July 2014 - 12:00 - 5:30 pm

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(c) LankyKats and Wes Paul 2014



Saturday Afternoons- The Harp of Erin - Bradford (3:30-6:30 p.m.))

Every Week


St Patricks Day March 17th (TBA)


Boland's Bar Wakefield Thursday Afternoon (3:00-6:00 p.m.)
and LankyKats Thursday Night 10:30 p.m. - Standish, Wigan: -March 20th


The Harp of Erin Saturday Afternoon (3:30-6:30 p.m.) Bradford and

St Joseph's Catholic Club - Todmorden Saturday Night (9:00-11:30)

March 22nd


The Three Wise Monkeys - Todmorden - Friday 2nd May


The United Services Club - Todmorden - May


TODROPHENIA - Todmorden TBA (Scooter Convention)


The Cavern Club - Liverpool - Sunday July 6th


The United Services - New Years Eve - 2014/15


- Two successful tours of the United States - Route 66 Tour 2011 and

- Manchester to Memphis Tour 2010

- First album recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis [Manchester to Memphis]

- Second album recorded at 'Gracieland - Lisa Stansfield Studio, Rochdale, UK

- [68 Comeback]

- Two year residency at the Cavern Club, Liverpool (2005-2007) CavernShowcase.com

- Over 100 songs. Several sets to suit different genres

- Two 45 minute sets or three half hour sets [Can play all night if required]

- Competitive and negotiable prices and now booking for 2013/14

ROUTE 66 TOUR 2011 -  http://route66.ietod.com



Wester Paul: Guitar/Vocals

Smiley Galvin: Lead Guitar and Pedal Steel /Backing Vocals

Godwin: Keyboard


If you need further information or need to book the band please email to




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THE WES PAUL BAND - Manchester to Memphis
10 Tracks recorded at Sun Studios Memphis

ON SALE NOW! - Only 5.00

Latest News:

25/10/11 - The website has finally been updated - sorry it's taken such a long time but we're only just starting to get organised again after getting back from America. Still not managed to put all the pictures up on the new Route 66 website, but it will be an ongoing process that'll probably take a couple of months to sort out, so keep checking back regularly! Thanks


06/09/11 - The band are all really excited about our forthcoming Route 66 Tour. We fly out this Thursday 8th and our first gig is that same night at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn IL. Bring it on!


04/05/11 - Our album Manchester to Memphis is now available to buy online through the PayPal links on this website. Only 5.00. (See above).


24/02/11 - the Pictures page has just been updated!

09/01/11 - We've now sold out of our EPs and have moved on to selling the full album - 10 tracks - for 5.00 each, less than the price of two pints! You can buy direct from us at our shows, or order from us online. We will post to anywhere in the world for free.

02/11/10 - Our new single "Jackson" is now available to buy online on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Reverb Nation and all major online download sites. It's only 79p or 99c, so don't be shy have a buy!

21/08/10 - We have finally completed our Manchester to Memphis American Websites - the first one you need to check out is Memphis and from there, clicking on all the "Next" buttons will take you through the full story of the tour.

Manchester to Memphis Tour 2010:-

Still working on our Route 66 Tour - Websites

MemphisJacksonNashvillePigeon ForgeMontgomeryTupelo

Wes Paul - Guitar/Vocals

Rebecca Paul - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Smiley Galvin - Lead Guitar/Pedal Steel/Keyboards/Vocals

Harry Starr - Drums


Other Drummers Include:

Arty Davies, Phil Calvert, Colin Berryman, Jason M Vawter


Becky starring as Spoonface Steinberg


The Jewish Telegraph

Daily Telegraph 1997

The Times 1997

Becky Simpson

Becky  Starring as Nicola Morton In TV Series
"See How They Run"

Wes Paul and Elvis Presley's Brother (David Stanley) (c) 2003


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