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The photographs are listed in order of date, with the most recent events first. Unless otherwise stated, all photos are copyright Wes Paul and Rebecca Paul 2007-11.

Manchester to Memphis Tour - (May-June 2010)

MemphisJacksonNashvillePigeon ForgeMontgomeryTupelo

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New Year's Eve - Wardle Cons Club
The Flying Horse - 30th Dec 2010
Boxing Day at the Cross (2010)
Christmas Eve at The Hop, Wakefield - 2010
The Victory Club - 11th Dec 2010
The British Queen - 5th Dec 2010
The Fudge Factory - 4th Dec 2010
Polish Day - 4th Dec 2010
The Crown - 29th Oct 2010
The Swan - 16th Oct 2010
The Wellington - 10th Oct 2010
The Greengate - 9th Oct 2010

Wes and Becky's Blessing at Todmorden Unitarian Church - 20th June 2010 

The Swan - 16th April 2010
The Fulford Arms - 5th March 2010

The Wishing Well Jam Night - 21st January 2010

Farmers Boy Jam Night, Oldham - 20th January 2010

New Year's Eve 2009-10 at Littleborough Trade Hall Club

Cheshire Cats - 21st October 2009

The Castle - 17th Oct 09

The Big House with Cy Tucker - 11th Oct 09

Three Fat Bastards & Wes Paul Band at Rochdale Transport Club - 2nd October 09

Merseycats - 1st Oct 09

Liverpool Rock & Roll Society - 23rd Sept 09

Crown Vaults with Sonny Philips - 14th Sept 09

Dave Whitehead's Funeral - 4th September 09

The Bridge - August Bank Holiday Monday 2009 

The Woolpack - 23rd Aug 09

The Big House (with Cy Tucker) and The Cavern, Liverpool - Sunday 9th August

The Fieldens Party - 18th July 09

The Cavern - 12th July 09

The Cricketers Arms, Keighley - 10th July 09

The Cavern - 14th June 09  

Merseyrats at Longmoor Social Club, Liverpool - 5th May 2009

Bob Evans' Funeral in Wallasey & Mersey Rats - 17th March 2008

The Sportsman's Rest - 14th Feb 09

The Trades Hall Club, Littleborough - 30th January 2009

Boxing Day 2008 at the Bridge, Liverpool 

The Bridge - 15th Dec 08

The Sportsmans Arms (Kebs) - 18th October 2008

The Wes Paul Band & Harry Loco at the Farmers Arms, Liverpool - Monday 25th August 2008

Jack's House, Todmorden 26th July 2008

Party In The Park - 12th July 2008

Charity Night at Todmorden Unitarian Church 28th March 2008

The Oaks, Liverpool - Easter Monday 2008 (March 24th 08)

The Staff Of Life 14th March 2008

Caldercats at Big D's, Todmorden 22nd January 2008

Boxing Day 2007 at The Bridge, Liverpool

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